I am a sociologist with a strong focus on quantitative, experimental, and computational methods and a broad range of research interests. I am dedicated to uncovering novel or untapped sources of data and using cutting-edge approaches to address complex social science questions and advance our understanding of the world.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, University of Mannheim, and an honorary research fellow at the University of Warwick. I currently work within the project Making Diversity Work, where we use field experimental methods to study discrimination and integration in multi-ethnic German neighborhoods. Previously, I held a Digital Humanities Fellowship from the German National Library where I utilised the library catalogue and techniques in natural language processing to better understand the literary development in Germany since 1913.

I received my PhD in Sociology in January 2023 from the University of Warwick. My PhD research, funded by a Wikimedia Project Grant, focused on the online community Wikipedia, specifically studying how offline gatherings between Wikipedians affect their online behaviour. This project is integrated within my broader research agenda focusing on digital technologies and the collection and analysis of digital data within the social sciences. Through this interdisciplinary lens, I have also been working on topics regarding social status and prosociality, discrimination, and ethnic violence. Additionally, I collaborated with Oxfam GB's impact evaluation team, contributing expertise in leveraging digital data, particularly from Twitter, to enhance their impact evaluations.

Send me an email to get in touch: nicole.schwitter[at]


  • Computational Social Sciences
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Ingroup/Outgroup Dynamics and Discrimination


  • PhD in Sociology, 2023

    University of Warwick

  • MA in Sociology, 2017

    University of Leipzig

  • BA in Social Sciences & Computer Science, 2015

    University of Bern